Summer 2021


As the Spring 2021 Semester at the University of Vermont draws to a close we would like to share a brief update on the Alpha of Vermont with you. This past year, the Alpha of Vermont was able to successfully navigate the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. We are pleased to report that we have 8 newly initiated brothers just this spring.

As a quick reminder, the current board of the Sigma Phi Corporation of the Alpha of Vermont is in close contact with many other good graduate brothers as we embark on new fundraising and maintenance projects this year. These will include restoring the columns, paving the parking lot/driveway, updating and renovating the kitchen, and repairing the back porch. We plan to keep moving forward with a handful of other projects throughout the house.

We welcome all brothers to get in touch with us to learn more about the exciting and positive developments we are currently experiencing at the Alpha of Vermont – and congratulations to our 11 graduating seniors! Esto!

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