Winter 2022

Sigma Phi Alpha of Vermont Future

A big push for rejuvenation of traditions and updating the Home on the Hill are in process. This truly is a team effort, and we appreciate any help from the brotherhood with each facet. We are also looking to improve
communication so the graduate body can be aware of the moving parts and upcoming scheduled events.

We are scheduling a few events over the next school year, both virtual and in person. Below is a loose schedule. We will keep you updated with changes.

Weekend of December 3, 2021, Ceremony and Celebration (S&T) – 5 new brothers were added to our chapter; Seth Summerfield, Sophomore; Nick Staley, Freshman; Nicholas Kebo, Sophomore; Griffen Hession, Freshman; Owen Marcoux, Freshman.

March 4, 2022:  March 4th dinner or zoom based on Covid

Weekend of April 30th  or May 7th (TBD at snap): Swing and Tunk   

April 30, 2022:  Belizbeha reunion show at Higher Ground. Belizbeha is a 10-man band that features Shawn A. William V93 and started in the basement of the House. Once the details have been finalized, we will make the process for purchasing tickets known everywhere. Hopefully the two events can be coordinated to allow for travel on one weekend.

Rejuvenation of traditions: A few good graduate brothers have been able to write down and capture the essence of the past, including Monday night meetings (now held on Tuesday), songs, events, dining, and the opportunity to live in our beautiful house. So far, we have created a team of GGBs who have committed to communicating with the actives on a weekly basis to restore the values of the past. The actives will appoint one brother per class to oversee traditions and communication moving forward.

Recruitment: Over the years, Sigma Phi has used a specific recruitment process seeking specific criteria. Scott A. McCrae V82, who has been trained in this area, has volunteered to communicate the process and its importance to the active chapter. Let me know if you are interested in being a part of this effort, even if it is just virtually one time.

Dining/Kitchen: To rejuvenate the active chapter post Covid restrictions, we feel bringing back a great chef and updating the kitchen is a top priority. We will be opening the dining plan to the entire active brotherhood with part time options for local graduates. The kitchen desperately needs a complete overhaul which is one of the things we are raising money for. The kitchen is out of compliance with the Fire Department and the hood is over 50 years old. 

House Maintenance and renovations: As most of you know, the house has not had a major renovation since the 1980s. It is crucial for us to update the house now to preserve its value. We have gathered estimates for the Pillars, the kitchen, and general maintenance. The initial goal for money being raised is about $250,000 to make the home on the hill one we can all be proud of again. The long-term goal is to secure a 7-figure amount to ensure our base can generate enough revenue to fund a regularly scheduled repair and replacement plan for wear and tear. A modified plan for damage will need to be put in place for in-house and out of house brothers who cause damage without regard to the fragile nature of the Sig House on the Hill. We have a team of people who have agreed to communicate with eras of the brotherhood to accomplish this goal over the upcoming weeks. We would like to begin repairs immediately. For those who are concerned that the actives are not caring for the House at the necessary, crumbling columns and chimney mortar along with obsolete fire safety helps create a sense of structural urgency as we work toward instilling pride of ownership on an ongoing basis.

Rotted wood due to mixture of pine and oak
Before and …..
After replacing the bases
All bases repaired, ready for spring painting

Financial focus: The overall goal is to update the house and then create an endowment of $1M which will create cash flow moving forward and protect us in case of emergencies like Covid, which dramatically impact cash flow. We have started paying property taxes of about $20K per year, additional to the expenses of the past. We have raised the rent on the active chapter, but it is not enough. We have discovered that utilities and taxes can be paid from the Educational Foundation, so a review of the burden being placed on the actives will take place soon.

It is now more important than ever for us all to help contribute where we can. I want to thank all of you who are on the monthly donation program attached to your cc. I know others have written large checks when needed and some folks have put Sigma Phi in their Will. We do not have enough large donors to cover this so are hoping to bring in a little from many brothers.

In Sigma Phi, among so few, the presence of every member is deeply felt. I think we have seen over the years that you truly do get out of it what you put in. Thank you all for being a part of this brotherhood and keeping her leading!